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For first time users, using a menstrual cup can be as challenging as using your sanitary pad for the first time.

Bag Classical Tassel Chain Purse Evening Small Handbags Shoulder Metal Ym1185gold Style Clutch Lady Bags We get it, at first glance menstrual cups can be intimidating, especially for young girls who are used to seeing sanitary pads being recommended by their traditional moms at home.

While most traditional mothers support the traditional sanitary napkins, more women nowadays are open to positive changes. Positive changes include full awareness to what you want and need as a woman.

An independent woman is someone who knows what she wants and needs, be it her career, relationships and the smart choices she makes that are related to her health as a woman.  

Let’s learn how to use Super Jennie menstrual cup because knowledge is power!

The whole process is simple as 1...2...3...Kaboom!

Menstrual Cup Hygienic Handling and Insertion Guide




   Wash your hands with mild unscented soap before handling your cup.





   Boil it in a pot of water for 5-10 minutes  before using it for the first    time.



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   Get into a comfortable position that will help you spread your legs, either    while, standing up, sitting on the toilet or squatting.




Fold the cup using one of the following methods that works best for you:                                                                                                                                      

Chain Ym1185gold Bag Tassel Bags Lady Shoulder Purse Evening Small Classical Clutch Handbags Style Metal The C-Fold

This fold is the basic technique that most women use.  

1. Start with an open cup.

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2. Press it down into the center.

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3. Pinch the cup closed. Fold in half to form a C-shape.    



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The Labia-Fold

    This technique helps to pop open easily.








    1. Pinch one side of the rim.




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    2. Bring the pinched area to the other side of the rim.  












    3. Drop the pinched area into the cup. Pushing it down.   


























    4. Taking your pointer finger and your thumb from the other side, push the rest of the rim together and release the rim that was pinched in the first place.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      








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    5. Here is the point that will be inserted.                         


















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    The 7-Fold

    It involves folding the unit in the shape of the number 7.


    1. Push the rim together 



    2. Fold half of the rim over, creating a 7 shape.



    3. This is the point that you will be inserting.




    The Push Down Fold

    This technique helps to pop open easily.


    1. Place your pointer finger on top of the rim and push it straight down to the bottom of the cup.



    2. Hold the top area of the cup and release your finger.



    3. This is the point that you will be inserting.

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    Insertion Guide

    Now for the actual insertion.

    • Moisten the rim of the cup to help it slide better. Separate the labia gently to help with the process.

    • Then, holding the folded unit with your thumb and forefinger gently insert it into the vagina, while directing it towards the tailbone.

    • To unfold the cup, slowly turn it to complete one rotation.

    Menstrual Cup Removal

    When it comes to removing the cup, don’t forget to wash your hands with soap! Keep your finger nails short.

    • Get into a comfortable position once again and get your vaginal muscles to push the unit downwards.

    • Steadily reach for the stem of the unit and pull it gently till you can feel the base of the cup, lightly squeeze the base to release the suction.

    • Now pull out the unit out slowly and empty its content into the lavatory.


    IMPORTANT TIPS: We suggest gently pulling the stem while wiggling it slightly downwards while using your abdominal/pelvic floor muscles (as if you are having a bowel movement) to push, until you can reach the cup. Afterwards, lightly apply pressure to the base of the cup to C fold to break the seal and remove. We do not suggest using the stem to remove the cup, as it may potentially cause pain  or break it. Avoid using your nails when pinching the cup.

    Cleaning The Cup

    • Empty the contents into the toilet or sink.

    • Wash the cup thoroughly with warm water and scent-free soap before reusing.

    • Boil it in a pot of water for about 5-10 minutes at the end of each menstrual cycle.


    Tips to help open SJ cup

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    How to measure cervix and choose a menstrual cup

    Locating and “measuring” the height of your cervix can be very intimidating, but very beneficial when you’re undecided on which shape and/or size menstrual cup to purchase.

    Knowing the height of your cervix will make sure that you’re not getting a cup that is neither too long or too short for you.

    Try to measure your cervix while you’re menstruating.  You might find that measuring your cervix while in the shower will be the most convenient.

    Find a comfortable position.  You can either squat down with your knees apart or prop your foot up on the side of the tub. 

    Metal Classical Bag Lady Handbags Purse Bags Small Tassel Clutch Chain Evening Style Ym1185gold Shoulder Squatting will allow you good room to reach and bring your cervix to the closest position it will probably get to the opening of your vagina.

    Insert you middle finger aiming toward the small of your back or your tailbone, NOT straight up.

    Your cervix will feel a little more firm than the walls of your vagina.  It may feel like the tip of your nose, and you may or may not feel the indent of the opening to your cervix.

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    Once you find your cervix, take note as of how much of your finger was inserted.

    • If you were only able to insert the tip of your finger to just below the middle knuckle, than you have a LOW cervix.

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    • If you were able to insert your finger to the middle knuckle, then you have a MEDIUM cervix.

    • If you can insert your finger passed your middle knuckle and beyond before reaching your cervix or you can’t reach it at all, then you have a HIGH cervix.

    You can also measure the length of the area of your finger that was inserted to get an exact measurement, if you like.

    So now that you have your approximate measurement:

    • If you have a LOW to MEDIUM cervix and/or a light flow = Small size

    • If you have a MEDIUM to HIGH cervix and/or a heavy flow = Large size

    Although it is said that Bell Shaped cups work best for someone with a low cervix, the Super Jennie has been found to fit and work comfortably for both a low OR high cervix.  If you have a very high cervix, you might feel more comfortable with the length that “V” shaped cups offer.

    Learn more

    We have more information about menstrual cup that you might like to know:

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